Monday, May 25, 2009

Anon in the US

Dear Me at Fifteen,
All of that day dreaming you do while you run at night will come true. You will be married to an amazing man, who is strong, loving, protective, educated, successful, wealthy, handsome, and comes from a wonderful family. You will have two gorgeous, adorable sons, ages 4 and 2 months. Both of them have smiles that light up the room, and they adore you and your husband. The 4 year old runs to “Daddy” in the middle of the night when he is scared, and crawls into bed with you in the morning to cuddle. You guys are very devoted parents, totally in love with each other, and when you walk through the front doors of your big, beautiful home you can actually feel the peace.
That career you always wanted, you got- you graduated from a top law school, and are a successful lawyer with a top law firm, and get this, you work out of your home, and only work part-time, and you draw a six figure salary. Even your financial planner is openly envious of your professional success.
All of your loved ones are alive and well, and you are actually incredibly close with your older sister believe it or not! You talk everyday on the phone, and she is your 4 year old’s favorite aunt. You and your mom are also very close. You love, respect, and appreciate each other, and you actually inherited her warmth and hospitality and strong sense of morality. You too are now known for your own famous chocolate chip cookie. Your Dad is so proud of who you’ve become and you are married to the exact guy he wanted for you. Your parents are wonderful grandparents.
You are blessed with too many friends to count, and will even remain close with the pack you run around with now. You are surrounded by so many people who love you, all of whom helped you pick up the pieces when your life was completely torn apart.
That’s right. Unfortunately, you will not be exempt from life’s challenges. You will marry your first love against your better judgment, and he will divorce you when your first son is only one year old. He will continue to torment you and resent you for the great life you built for you and your first son and do whatever he can to interfere with your happiness. Get ready for some really, really, dark days.
But here’s the twist. Without that horrible thorn in your side, you won’t experience true suffering, which will lead you to great faith, which will give you great hope, which will give you that beautiful life you are dreaming about right now.
So don’t cry too many tears during the next fifteen years when you go through all that pain, because that experience will end up being the thorns on the stem of the most beautiful rose God could ever give to his daughter.
Love, Me at Thirty.
P.S. Invest in EBAY!!

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