Monday, November 1, 2010

Katie in Denver

Dear Katie,

Remember last April when the girl you thought was one of your best friends in the world decided to go on a study abroad? That was the most awesome experience for her. She loved it and met lots of new people…people she should live with this year, instead of living with you.

Right now there are about 3 weeks left of the summer before your Senior year at BYU in Provo, UT. I know you keep calling her trying to figure out how the two of you are going to live together in Provo this upcoming year. I know it seems really weird that she is short and kind of distant…that she doesn’t return your calls. The reason is that she probably doesn’t want to live with you, but feels obligated to bunk up since she said she would.

But the two of you are much different people than you were a short 4 months ago.

You used to have so much in common, but this summer time passed, you both had very different experiences and you’ve both changed. And forcing the two of you to live together will be very unpleasant.

Instead of enjoying your last year together at college you’ll start to dread coming home. You’ll argue all the time and be genuinely confused why this person you still love doesn’t love you back. It’ll end up being the most hurtful experience of your time in Provo… more painful than any other personal relationship in your life.

You’ll spent the next 5 years replaying the events of that last semester in your mind…trying to determine what went wrong and how you could have avoided it. It’ll eat you up inside every single time you have a Sunday school lesson about forgiveness.

It’ll make you think you are incapable of being a good girl friend.

Call up your friend Brittany and she if she wants to live together. I mean, sure, she recently kind of dated your boyfriend while you were away for an internship for the summer, but that’ll blow over and the two of you could have had SUCH a great year together!

However, if you don’t decide to take my advice on this, that’s ok too. Because, even though the experience was really hard, you come out on the other end just fine. You marry a red hot smokin man who is so funny he makes you laugh until you fall out of chairs.


Oh, and you have great hair, so there’s always that.

Love, Katie


  1. man, you should have asked if we wanted to live together. my living situation totally sucked that year to! that would have made senior year AWESOME!!! c'est la vie. :)

  2. mate memories. May they rest in peace.

  3. i had crazy roommate drama at BYU senior year, too! glad you have an awesome ear doctor roomie now. so glad.

  4. Roommate drama is a hard reality.