Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mike in Dallas

Our first letter from a Y chromosome! Enjoy!

Mike –

It’s been a while since we talked…I wanted to see how you’re doing. Things are
fine here in late 2010. Amazing how we look up and it’s November. Sorry I missed your 16th birthday last month….like I said, the year is flying by.

How is soccer going ? mentioned the elite team offered you a roster spot.
They see your skills, your quiet leadership too as you lead by example.
I hope you take them up on their offer ( I didn’t when I was your age ). Seeing
ourselves as others do can be difficult ….but again, they see something great there. Let me know how it goes.

What’s the latest from my alma mater, Richardson High School ? Last time we spoke I believe you mentioned that Spanish was a tad difficult. Keep at it….when I was there the Spanish teacher offered after school tutoring to improve, it lasted just 30minutes a couple days a week…Take advantage of that if necessary ( I didn’t when I was your age).

I know when your mom remarried it was difficult for you. Sure, you want her to be happy and you’re thankful for all that he can provide. You mentioned feeling guilty, worrying about your dad in NY as you and your five siblings were sittin’ pretty ( I think those were your words)in Dallas while your dad was battling his demons. I continue to pray for his recovery. Make sure you do the same ( I didn’t when I was your age ). Prayer works Mike.

Trust me Mike, both your dad and now your stepdad are wise men, strong men. When we age, we learn. That’s not to say though that we don’t all make mistakes…we do. Some (i.e. me) make more than my share : )…but in the end, and this certainly sounds generic….”it’s all good”. I’m not sure where I heard this initially but the quote “Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid” is strong. Yes, easier said than done obviously…..but say it out loud now. Say it again later today.say it tonight…say it Mike…believe it….do it. Hmmm, I just researched this a moment ago…some feel that German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe penned this. Others think that Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Johann Wolfgang Canadian author and pastor Basil King coined the phrase. Doesn’t really matter I suppose.

Annnnyway, I’ve rambled long enough. You’ve always said you want to do things on your own,make your own mark, be your own man. That’s admirable, but remember there’s no shame in taking advantage of opportunities that come your way. Whether you’ve earned them or you’re in need of a hand, it doesn’t matter. God put us here for each other and of course him….using both is your greatest tool ( I didn’t when I was your age ).

Take care…we’ll talk later

- Mike


  1. Women should always remember that men think these things too. Maybe not ad nauseum as we tend to, but painting them as emotionally empty headed creatures does us no good.

  2. Great to see a different perspective.